Pest Control

Hawks of Steele Pest Control specialises in understanding client’s requirements and responding with discretion and efficiency. We understand Pest problems are always sensitive no matter how marginal or severe.

One of the most important elements of our service is dealing tactfully with commercial or residential clients who are confronted with any form of pest problem. We have marked and unmarked vehicles so that we can provide a very discreet service.

Contract Proposal for Bird Control:

Our aim would be to control the current bird problem using birds of prey. The best way to control pigeons is by using hawks and falcons because this would first of all stop them from breeding as they will not feel safe with the presence of a bird of prey in the area and also they will not have the opportunity to roost on the building and cause unnecessary mess as our birds would be chasing them constantly. We have been controlling pigeons for many years and it has always been effective.

We are also trained in rabbit and mole trapping techniques as well as rodent control.


  • Certificates of training will be provided
  • Insurance will be provided
  • Risk assessments will be carried out
  • All licenses can be seen.

All work will be carried out by an experienced Falconer.